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Wee Granny's Magic Bag

Elizabeth McKay; Illustrated by Maria Bogade

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Emily and Harry love having adventures with Wee Granny. Surprising things always happen when she brings her tartan bag. What will come out of Wee Granny's magic bag today?

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Information for grown-ups

Emily and Harry love going on trips with Wee Granny. Surprising things always happen when she brings her tartan bag. One Christmas when they were carol singing Harry's torch stopped working, so Granny reached into her bag and pulled out a lamppost to help them see! Last summer they were on the beach and Wee Granny rummaged around in her tartan bag and pulled out a deckchair each for them to sit on!

Today they are going to the park, and when Mum calls to ask Granny if she'll bake some cakes for the school fair, an incredible afternoon begins …

A very funny picture book about two children and their amazing granny. With huge surprises on every page, you'll never guess what will appear next from Wee Granny's magic bag.

'Bogade’s homey, cartoonlike illustrations offer plenty of expressive detail and gently comic moments, including the not-so-wee Granny hurriedly squeezing an oven back into her bag and her feisty white terrier, in matching tartan jacket, romping through each scene. A simple, affectionate story that will undoubtedly meet with demands for repeat readings -- Scottish brogue required.'
-- Booklist Online

'If you have, or can put on, a Scottish accent, this book will be terrific for you to read aloud with great gusto…

'This is a very funny story about two children and their amazing granny who you will be as fond of as they are by the end.'
-- EYE: Early Years Educator

'Wee Granny appears to be a typical grey haired, stout, bespectacled old lady but appearances can be deceptive. When Emily and Harry spent time with Granny they know that she cannot be separated from her large tartan bag. Whatever the need or emergency, Granny can meet it. It's all in the bag … What she can pull out of the bag defies reason, and that's the source of the fun.'
-- The School Librarian

'this book celebrates grannies, tartan and magic. McKay writes with a cheerful tone and the entire book awaits the magic that everyone knows is coming! The pacing is nicely done, dancing along happily. The story has a gentleness to it as well that is warm and friendly.
Bogade’s illustrations are done in ink and watercolor. They have a merriness to them as well, filled with bright colors and playing up the effect of pulling huge items from a small bag. The humor of the entire work is well reflected in the images.
For children too young for Nanny McPhee, this picture book introduces an equally magical Wee Granny who is sure to fill their bedtime dreams with magic. Appropriate for ages 4-6.'
-- Waking Brain Cells blog

'This is a pleasant title for youngsters just starting to understand the concept of preposterous things.'
--School Library Journal Reviews, March 2012

'My daughter thinks this story is hilarious and even though she knows what is in Wee Granny’s bag she laughs out loud every time we read it … Maria Bogarde’s beautiful illustrations bring the characters to life and the last item to come out of the bag was impossible to guess on the first reading!'
-- Story Snug blog

'This is a very funny story!'
-- Jessica, age 4, Story Snug blog

Format: paperback
Number of pages: 32
Size: 254 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9780863158445
Illustrations: colour illustrations
Age suitability: From 3 to 6 years
Publication date: 22 Sep 2011

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